Keloid is a form of scarring. It may appear on skin as red, raised formation of fibrous scar tissue, caused by excessive collagen formation in the skin layer (dermis) during the process of connective tissue repair, after any trauma or injury to skin.
Some people have a tendency to have keloid formation after any kind of skin injury.

Keloids results from skin injuries such as: Acne, Surgical cuts, Trauma, Scratch marks,Vaccination sites, Ear piercing, Burns

Keloids look like Dome shaped raised and shiny appearance. Pink to red in color,Itching, Sometime pain or tenderness

Clinical examination- The diagnosis is made by just looking at the lesion and enquiring about the history of skin injuries.
Skin biopsy- It may be required to differentiate with other skin tumors.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines can partially reduce scarring if keloids are very mild. Moderate to severe keloids generally do not respond to homeopathy. Itching and painfulness can reduce with homeopathic medicines. Some cases of keloid tendency may be controlled with homeopathy to certain extent. Recommended in selected cases.

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