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What is Hepatitis-B

Hepatitis literally refers to any inflammation of the liver. In fact, there are five forms of acute viral hepatitis that are often clinically indistinguishable from one another. These diseases are unrelated to each other except by the fact that they all cause liver damage.

It is important not to confuse hepatitis B with with any other viral hepatitis. Each has its own mode of transmission and associated risk factors. Hepatitis A, for example, is transmitted by the fecal-oral route, whereas hepatitis B is often transmitted through sexual contact or IV drug abuse.

Hepatitis B infection may result in a range of health outcomes. After a two- to six-month incubation period, HBV can lead to acute hepatitis. Most individuals are able to recover completely from an acute infection. However, if the body is unable to mount an effective immune response, a patient may become a "chronic carrier" of hepatitis B virus & they become positive for HBsAg tests by different assays. Chronic carriers are at increased risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), a serious liver cancer. In fact, HBV is regarded by many scientists to be second only to tobacco as a known human carcinogen. All carriers, whether or not they have active symptoms, have a 12 to 300 times greater risk of developing primary liver cancer than non-carriers.

Causes and Risk Factors of Hepatitis-B

Hepatitis B follows a similar mode of transmission as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the agent responsible for AIDS. Both are transmitted through exposure to infected blood or blood products, sexual contact and from mothers to infants primarily at birth.

However, hepatitis B appears to be far more infectious than HIV. In addition to the ways in which HIV is spread, hepatitis B appears to be spread by casual contact. It can be acquired by close contact within families, or from person to person through contact with open skin lesions. The virus may possibly be spread by exposure of mucous membranes to saliva, but you cannot get it from food or water, sneezing or coughing,  handshakes, breastfeeding, hugs or casual contact. Another important fact is that hepatitis B virus can remain stable outside the body for days or weeks, even when dry.

How does one get infected with Hepatitis B? HBsAg in blood can happen because of so many reasons.

  1. If one gets an attack of jaundice due to Hepatitis B Virus, this surface antigen can remain in blood for years ( whole life time itself if not treated, with or without complications) without producing any symptoms in the person, called asymptomatic carrier or simply a carrier.
  2. Due to dental procedures using unsterilized instruments or syringes
  3. Through sexual intercourse with a person infected already
  4. From mother to child in womb (transplacental route) called Congenital infection
  5. While doing blood tests in local laboratories / while receiving injections/ IV fluids /vaccines using unsterilized needles.
  6. While tattooing and in drug addicts when needles are shared.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B

Symptoms and signs of hepatitis B can range from none to minimal in the early stages of the illness, to jaundice (yellowing of the skin), nausea, abdominal pain, fever, and malaise in the acute phase. Appetite loss, fatigue, itching, dark urine and pale stools are some common symptoms.

Diagnosis of Hepatitis B

Diagnosis of hepatitis B is based upon examination of the blood for characteristic antigens and antibodies associated with the disease.

How is the presence of HBsAg in blood tested?  Common tests available are

  1. Rapid / Spot/ Card Test: Result within 10 minutes
  2. Quantitative assays: ELISA/ ELFA/ CMIA/ ECLIA/ MEIA – Result in 24 to 48 hours

What does it mean if your HBsAg is positive?  It means that the surface antigen of Hepatitis B virus is present in one’s blood or serum. There are two more antigens released from Hepatitis B virus, namely core antigen (cAg) and envelope antigen (eAg),and  out of these two, only eAg is seen in blood in addition to surface antigen.

Treatment of Hepatitis B

Getting advice or professional opinion is NOT a free service, as you are communicating with the world's one & only clinical specialist on Hepatitis B. Once you are diagnosed to have Hepatitis B or C,  you have only 2 options , either meet Dr John K C OR die of Liver Cancer/Cirrhosis. This statement looks awkward, but it is a frank reality, you should admit it.

Public behaves like a fool or idiot when this health issue occurs to them or to any family members. They select a doctor on what basis.? They assume that if they meet a specialist in a very big hospital, their all problems would be solved permanently. They do not know anything that is happening in a medical field.  All specialists work in any hospital for a monthly pay of 2 lakhs rupees after signing an agreement with management to provide that hospital, a fixed  income on monthly basis -‘target’ it is called.. In short, their monthly salary is based on this ‘target’. So specialists do wanted and mostly unwanted tests on the patients like blood tests, Fibroscan, CT scan, Endoscopy, MRI scan, Biopsy etc... Patients do not know the key point in a treatment. Patients think that, by doing all these tests, Hepatitis B viruses/Hepatitis C viruses would be removed from the body.. This is the foolishness or idiocy of the public. On doing these tests, you are just trying to study the nature of viruses. Treatment means taking something to kill viruses.

What is that KEY POINT? Key point in a treatment is the use of drugs or any procedure to handle the enemy, in this case Hepatitis B or C viruses. Identify the enemy and start a battle to kill that enemy using weapons called drugs/medicines. In homoeopathy around five hundred anti-viral drugs have been identified which can eliminate almost all viruses that attack human beings..

When Diagnosed With Hepatitis-B

The search begins to find out a dependable curative treatment in any system of medicine. Which doctor to meet? Gastroenterologist having the longest list of alphabets after his name OR a doctor who has an expertise in treating Hepatitis B or C infection? How do you choose the doctor ? Very good Question as well. You should meet a doctor having a long clinical expertise in treating Hepatitis B or C infection. Identify a doctor who has a long track record treating Hepatitis B & C cases alone, than a person who has a book knowledge of Hepatitis B or C. Study has nothing to do with practice, study enables one to achieve more degrees, while practice is purely on clinical skills and experience. This can be identified from the confidence with which the doctor speaks, treated cases in his website or any publications/other platforms. Identify a doctor who is lucky to hold at least one cured negative case report with his hand.

It is not an exaggeration in the saying "meet Dr John.K C if you are HBsAg positive orelse you die of Liver Cancer or Liver Cirrhosis"

Treatment Options for Hepatitis-B

  1. In Modern Medicine/English Medicine/Allopathy: No treatment is available for HBsAg, because of two reasons, only few antiviral drugs in market and also this HBsAg is not a whole virus, but a part of a virus. I have not seen a single case that turned negative through this treatment. If anybody says there is treatment available, it is to be viewed with double caution, as that can empty your pockets by doing all unwanted tests (for the sake of commission/incentives from laboratories). Definitely there is logic in doing those tests, if a treatment is available. You may ask the doctor for the success of the treatment in that system. All that glitters is not gold. Don't mix  the skill and expertise of a doctor with the number of alphabets after the name/whether sitting in a multi storied building/travelling in BMW/wearing Allen Solly shirt. Just see the expertise of the doctor through the success of his treatment. Have you ever seen a cured case of that doctor? Then why you want to consult him? ?Even after consulting those so called specialists, you need to come to Dr John K C for completely removing the viruses, even the traces of it. What is the use of knowing the colour, blood group, caste, height, weight and Aadhar Number of Hepatitis B Virus by doing all the tests including even Fibroscan and Biopsy when there is nothing available to remove viruses from the body ?
  2. In Ayurveda: When there is jaundice, Ayurveda can give results. For carrier cases, this approach has limited scope.
  3. In Homoeopathy: Homoeopathy offers the best treatment for Hepatitis B carriers. Both chronic Hepatitis B and carrier cases of Hep B are curable with Homoeopathic medicines. These drugs correct the body constitutionally by removing all foreign particles, even if it is not a whole virus. However, success of Homoeopathic treatment depends on patient taking the medicines without fail even for a day. The success in treatment also depends partly on dedication and partly on the expertise in treating those kinds of diseases. The expertise stretching over 20 years is enough and more to treat any Hepatitis B infection. Just see the success in the cured cases published in the homepage of this website. Success of a system of treatment is something  to be experienced, than to be heard.

Few Questions For Consideration

What is the use of knowing the color, blood group, caste, height, weight and Aadhar Number of Hepatitis B Virus by doing all the tests including even Fibroscan and Biopsy when there is nothing available to remove viruses from the body ?    NO USE, simply wasting money and time.

  • Do you think, doing some blood tests would eliminate the Virus from the body..? NO
  • Do you think, doing an Ultrasound Scan of Abdomen would remove all Viruses in your body.? NO
  • Do you think, doing a Fibroscan of Liver would clear all the viruses in your body..? NO
  • Did you see any cured case of Hepatitis B or C from the doctor you approached for the treatment..? NO
  • Then what is the use of approaching the so called ‘gastroenterologists’ for curing Hepatitis B..??
  • How can you sleep peacefully at night, when a ‘virus ‘ is detected inside your body..? Doing some blood tests would give you a psychological relief, nothing other than that. Virus is totally unaffected inside your body, because you are doing only tests.

Expectation Vs Reality

Some people think that sending few blood reports to Dr John KC / chatting with Dr John K C / talking with Dr John KC is the treatment. Absolutely NOT. Treatment is collecting drugs from Dr John K C and taking it regularly, till you turn negative on quantitative assay. If you walk behind Gastroenterologists with the expectation of curing your problem, you are wasting your precious time. If you want to cure Hepatitis B carrier state, the one and only solution is to meet Dr John.K,C , at India's First EXCLUSIVE clinic on Hepatitis B & C.

Even though it is difficult to predict the time by which a person would turn negative, on an average it takes 3-6 months for the same. After taking medicines initially for a period of 3 months can tell you, how many more months will be required for a complte cure. However, heavy viral load and congenital infections can delay the recovery time; patients may have to wait for another 3 months if they are HBV-DNA positive with a heavy viral load (above 2000 copies/ml) and HBeAg positive on their blood tests. If not treated in time, Hep B can progress to chronic Hepatitis, Cirrhosis or Liver cancer (Hepato Cellular Carcinoma)

Please remember the following when making a visit for consultation

  1. Come along with two close relatives (blood relations) after fixing an appointment with the doctor.
  2. Carry with you the latest and old treatment records, prescriptions, test results, Ultra sound scan reports, CT scan reports if any.
  3. Bring HBsAg test(Quantitative) report taken within 5 days before the consultation. If you do not have a recent test report, a fresh test will be required.
  4. Come prepared to do blood tests, scan or any other investigations relevant.
  5. Medicines are given for a minimum period of 1 month onwards. Prescription WILL NOT BE GIVEN to anyone. Talk to doctor for medicine costs.
  6. Consultation is STRICTLY on prior fixed appointments. No one is allowed to enter without appointment.
  7. Appointments can be made ONLY through Email.
  8. Voice calls by patients are allowed only after 4pm on all days, if possible avoid, because other methods are provided.
  9. Past performance in other patients is not a guarantee in your case, simply because your body is different from others.
  10. Patient should take medicines initially for 3 months( trial period) to know whether body would react to medicines or not.
  11. Medicines can be sent as courier, if you opt ONLINE treatment.
  12. ONLINE treatment is also available. To start the treatment, just send an Email in the below Email Id.
  13. Remember, there are thousands of doctors in this world. You may choose based on your criteria.
  14. Dr John's commitment towards anyone BEGINS only on BECOMING HIS PATIENT, not through an Email or SMS sent.

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