Abscess is a localized infection on any part of the body or organ, whereby there is inflammation, swelling, pus formation and painfulness; with or without other signs of infection.

Abscess is essentially caused by infection, largely bacterial infection. It can also be caused by parasite infection. An abscess may be caused or triggered by a foreign body or physical trauma or injury.

Any abscess is a sign of body's reaction to infection or trauma. It is a sign of body's defense mechanism at work whereby an army of white blood cells start fighting against the infection or foreign body and lead to pus formation. In this process, there will be inflammation, swelling, painfulness and even fever.

A condition of frequent abscesses especially on the skin is a common phenomenon, suggesting underlying faulty immune system. In such cases, the underlying immunity calls for treatment besides addressing local infection as a stand alone problem.

Abscesses can occur on any part of the body or organ. Some of the common sites are: Skin, mouth, liver, lungs, bones, appendix, mouth, spine, nose, sinus, tonsils, etc. It depends on the individual tendency to catch infection; which in turn is governed by the genetic predisposition.

The most common symptoms are pain, swelling, redness, pus formation, discharge, and fever. Also, depending on the site of an abscess, some symptoms may vary. For example, in case of abscess of brain, there will be neurological symptoms; and likewise. If the infection is severe and uncontrolled, there is a possibility of its spread to other parts of the body. Severer infection may lead to a serious condition called septicemia.


  • Acute abscess of recent origin can respond to homeopathic medicines; however, it may take little longer than antibiotics.
  • Homeopathy is best indicated in the cases of 1. Frequent abscesses 2. Prolonged (chronic) abscess 3. Resistant abscess.
  • In the above three categories, the formation of an abscess is surely a sign of altered underlying immunity, which can be treated effectively using homeopathy.
  • Homeopathy is strongly indicated for recurring and resistant cases of abscesses. More reading: Case studies of Recurrent boils

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