Cured Case Reports

Please have a look at records of cured Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and skin patients. Compare the dates on the reports to assess the time taken for treatment.

To protect the privacy of the patients, personal details have been masked. Any attempt to extract personal details of patients listed here, is a violation of privacy norms and would attract legal action. Remember Dr John is a lawyer too, so please don't create issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to just talk to Dr John ? Is Dr.John available over phone ?

Answer: Dr John never attends or responds to phone calls of public, whatsApp chats or sms. The only way to talk to Dr John is, go to the website link given below, choose 'initial advice', read all the instructions, make a small payment and fix a time with Dr John. This is because Dr John's clinic is NOT a Government office to attend all public calls. Dr John is NOT a public servant, he is a private professional, so naturally all callers should comply with the procedure decided by Dr John to get an access with him.. Dr.John is never flexible just like other doctors because he does not need your money. If you want his service, DO WHAT IS INSTRUCTED to do or better meet others who are more flexible. If you want just to talk to him also,(even if it be two words), this is the procedure.

Link :

2. In which language a patient could talk to Dr.John ?

Answer : Only English which is the language of the educated community. If you cannot speak English, it is your problem. Meet doctors of your native language.

How can Dr John learn all the 700 languages of India as he has patients from almost all Indian states ? ? ? You also know that it is not feasible.

3.How to get treatment from Dr.John ?

Answer : Currently ONLY online treatment is available. Go to the below given link and choose 'online treatment' option, read and follow the instructions given.

Link :

4. Is Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C curable ?

Answer : This is the only clinic in the world where you can see the success stories of Hepatitis B & C cases, with positive and negative reports. Gastroenterologists claim that they have cure, but when you ask them to show a single report, they would probably say, Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla..........So you decide whom to meet.

Hepatitis Treatment Results

Skin Treatment Results

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