How to contact Dr. John ?

Dr. John does not attend or respond to phone calls, WhatsApp chats or SMS. Kindly click on the 'Online Consultation' button below and read through the 'Initial Advice' section, make a small payment and fix an appointment with Dr John

This is because Dr John's clinic is not a Government office to receive public calls. Dr John is not a public servant, he is a private professional, so naturally all callers should comply with the procedure decided by Dr John to get an access to him. Dr. John is not flexible like other doctors because he does not need your money. If you would like to consult him, kindly follow the above procedure or you could consult others who are more flexible. If you want just to talk to him also, (even if it be two words), this is the procedure.

In what languages are consulting offered?

Consulting is offered only in English. If you do not speak English, kindly consult a doctor that speaks your language.

How do we get treatment from Dr. John?

At the moment, online consulting and treatment is the only available option. Kindly click on the button below and follow the 'Online Treatment' section in the page.

Is Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C curable?

Kindly see the success stories of Hepatitis B & C cases in the homepage. Several Hep B and Hep C positive patients have turned negative. Gastroenterologists claim that they have cure, but when you ask them to show a single report, they would probably say, Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla..........So you decide whom to meet.

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